About You

I know what you’re thinking, ‘What could possibly go in an “About You” tab? We haven’t even met!’’ A valid question, and I’d love the chance to meet you to learn more about who you are. In the meantime, if you’re similar to clients who I tend to work best with, you…

…are creative and hopeful! At least somewhat. You’re scoping out therapy, so at least part of you wonders if things could be better. You envision a world (and yourself) that’s better than it is today. 

… struggle with people-pleasing or healthy relational boundaries. You want to belong and be loved, but sometimes you feel like it’s at the expense of actually being and loving yourself. 

… are multifaceted and there is more to you than what meets the eye. This might be any number of things, including your ethnicity, cultural background, gender or sexuality, history or passions. It’s not that no one understands you, necessarily, but you’re also not surprised when they don’t. Sometimes you don’t, either! 

…know that something is not as it should be, and want to change. Pain comes in many forms, including depression and anxiety, difficulties in daily relationships and obligations, and navigating life in an unjust and unpredictable world. 

I am honored to work with people from many different backgrounds and seasons of life, in both the exceptional and the “ordinary”, and would love to connect with you to learn your story and help you on your path to wholeness.