Brainspotting & Embodiment Group

We are always physically in our bodies and thus already always embodied.

And yet there are times when we’re not able to feel the sensations or experiences within our bodies. Experiences like hunger, thirst, desire, pain, delight, joy. 

When we feel disconnected from our bodies, it’s harder to move through our emotions (vs getting stuck), care for our needs and desires, and live lives of integration – all of me, not just my brain. 

In this group, we’ll learn and practice different ways to befriend your body and connect with your body’s inner wisdom.

(And if you’re thinking, “But I don’t have inner wisdom!” let me just reassure you that you do. This group won’t create it. But we can make space to help uncover it.) 


Wednesday 3-4pm: Feb 22nd; March 8th & 22nd; April 5th & 19th; May 3rd

Thursday 11:15am-12:15pm: March 2nd, 16th, & 30th; April 13th & 27th; May 11th

Where: 413 E Iris Drive, Nashville, TN 37204 (Erin’s office)

Cost: $0-$30 Pay What You Can (yes, really, you can choose for it to be free. We don’t want the cost to interfere with your ability to continue your individual sessions.) Pay via Stripe or cash/check.

Facilitators: Erin Tillson Jeffries and Sandra Durham (Wednesdays). Erin is a licensed marriage and family therapist in TN (LMFT #1750). Sandra as a temporary license in TN and is under the supervision of Musenge Luchembe Hayslett, LMFT, LPC-MHSP. Participating in this group does not establish a client-therapist relationship with both therapists, but continues your client-therapist relationship with your individual therapist. 

Who: current clients of Erin or Sandra. (If you participate in the group, you’ll be acknowledging that you see one of us for therapy. However, we won’t bring up what you’ve been working on in individual sessions.) Space is limited to about 6 people per meeting, so please let me know if you’d like to participate! 

Why a group?

Many reasons: 

1) there is a different magic that happens when we heal in a group vs with one individual vs on our own. We are communal beings, after all! 

2) It’s more efficient for learning and practicing certain skills that would really, really help with your individual work, but that take time to cultivate. By practicing these skills in a group, we free up some individual time and increase the chance of going deeper in your individual sessions.  

3) It’s more affordable for you. (Free is pretty affordable.) 

So…what exactly will we do??

  • Trauma Informed Yoga – I’ll guide you through various yoga shapes with the invitation to notice what you feel in your body, if anything, offering manageable choices for you to explore how you want to move your body. No prior yoga experience is needed, and we won’t do any crazy balances or impossible twists. 
  • EFT tapping – Sandra and I will guide you through tapping on your own meridian/acupressure points
  • Self-brainspotting – Sandra and I will guide you through finding a resource spot (calming, grounding) or expansion spot (something positive you’d like more of, such as peace, goofiness, confidence) and give you some time to process there. We won’t try to find activation spots, but if activation comes up, Sandra and I will be available to help! 
  • Movement Integration sequence – this is that guided movement practice that we often do after brainspotting. It introduces movement throughout your major fascia lines, and can help bring a sense of body-mind integration
  • Other mindfulness practices – notice smells, connect with nature (pending weather)
  • Journaling or reflecting with the group. We won’t force you to share anything you don’t want to – you don’t even have to share at all! – but will give space for sharing.