Navigating Around the Train

There are two trains which can be very long (15+ minutes, especially if they stop) and obstruct your drive to the office. Here is how to drive around them. 

From Craigshead & Bransford

  • Drive East on Craigshead 
  • Turn Right on Seminole Ave. This takes you under the train
  • Turn Right on Gladstone (Seminole dead ends)
  • Turn Right on Glenrose (Gladstone dead ends)
  • Turn Left on Bransford 
  • Turn Left on E Iris — the office is 413 E Iris Ave

From 8th Ave & Berry Road

  • U turn on Berry to head back toward 8th Ave/Franklin Pike
  • Turn Left on 8th Ave/Franklin Pike
  • Take the TN-155 E/Thompson Ln exit and continue on Thompson Ln
  • Turn Left onto E Iris Ave. The office is 413 E Iris Ave