Therapy for Therapists

Shouldn’t I be able to just, you know, be my own therapist?


I’ve been there, too.

You have all this knowledge and information in your head. You spend so much time and energy helping others. And, like every human, you have your own struggles.



Relationship struggles

Toxic perfectionism

And one of my favorites, “What if I’m a bad therapist?!?!”

(Hint: people who are totally inept at something usually don’t realize it. You are probably a great therapist with some room for growth.)

Going to your own therapy does not mean that there’s anything wrong with you, as a person or as a therapist. In fact, it’s a sign that you’re staying aware and taking care of yourself so that you can really show up, be present, and do great work with your own clients.

We’re therapists, not because we’re already perfect with everything resolved, but because we have been and are still on a healing journey ourselves. Doing your own therapeutic work is one of the best gifts you can give your clients.

Can you tell I love working with therapists?

You’re doing such important work. You deserve your own care as well.

Head & Heart Integration

You probably already know a TON about mental health…and maybe feel like shit about what you don’t know. Don’t worry, I don’t expect you to know everything, and I won’t shame you.

What I will do is gently point out when you go “all cerebral,” help you to access your emotions, and integrate it all.

No judgement, no BS

You get the same confidentiality and compassion as any other client.

This means I’m not going to immediately call your school/licensing board if you tell me you’re struggling.

I also won’t tell you “everything’s fine” when it’s not.

Instead, I’ll help you figure out how to address and manage burnout (etc) so that it doesn’t disrupt your work.

Someone in your corner

You carry the burdens of others all the time. This is a space where you get to refill and receive care, without worrying about being “on”.

Pro-Rest, Anti-Burnout

The helping professions can be ground zeros of burnout, with unpaid internships, underpaid licensure work, and a culture that normalized pushing ourselves past our capacity in the name of “helping our clients”.

I am unabashedly against:




and I am 100% for:



honoring your own limits and desires.


Do you offer reduced rates for therapists in training?

I sure do! Contact me about availability.

Are you sure I don’t suck?


What theory do you use? Can we talk about that? Can you use ____ modality?

I pull from multiple theories and methods. I have specific training in Solution-Focused Narrative Therapy (SFBT), Narrative therapy, Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy (EFT/EFIT), and Brainspotting, with a little bit of play therapy and sandtray thrown in. I’m informed by intersectional feminism and parts work.

I’m happy to talk about why and what we’re doing together. I find that therapy is much less daunting and more helpful when clients aren’t left in the dark.

Showing up as an authentic person in the therapy room is a huge value of mine, and there are some theories and modalities that I’d be clunky as hell trying to do, either because they don’t line up with my core values or I’m inexperienced or both.

If there’s a certain modality or theory you’re interested in, please bring it up and we can talk about whether or not it’s something I can incorporate.

Do you do your own therapy?

Yes and yes. I see my own therapist and also do “self therapy” (especially parts work cartooning and self spotting).