Anxiety & Perfectionism

That constant feeling of “never good enough” and waiting for disaster to strike.

And the fear that you’ll lose all your drive if you treat yourself kindly. (Hint: you won’t, but I get it.)

Teens & Families

The teen years can be a bit wild for everyone involved, but they don’t have to totally suck.

I help teens navigate emotions, relationships and identity, and families improve communication and connection.

Individual and family therapy is available.

Couples & Relationships

How is it that the people you love so much can also bring up so much pain and feel so distant? You want to feel more connected, but you wonder how.

I use research-based methods to help partners work through conflict while increasing connection, joy and fun.

Extended sessions available.

LGBTQ+ Affirming

You are welcome just as you are.

Note: I don’t “make” people gay or not gay. That’s not how that works and is harmful. Instead, I open up space for each person to explore and embrace their authentic identity.

Multicultural & Religious Diversity

Not everyone fits the “Bible Belt” stereotype of white American Evangelical. And that is beautiful.

I welcome and have experience working with people from many cultural and religious backgrounds (including religious trauma, deconstruction and reconstruction).

Body Love & Integration

Your body is vital to your everyday survival. Did you know it can be part of your healing?

Using non-touch methods like mindful breathing, stress-cycle problem-solving, and Brainspotting, I help you tap into your body’s natural drive to heal, repair and flourish.

I’m informed by Health At Every Size (HAES) and believe every body is worthy of love.


You’re a Marriage and Family Therapist. Do you only see families and married people?

Nope! I also work with non-marital relationships (friends, romantic, premarital) and individuals (13+). The MFT part means that I take into account everyone’s context. And yes, I do work with families and marriages.

How does confidentiality work with teens?

Parents have legal access to their teen’s health record, but for the sake of building trust I ask that parents respect the privacy of most information with the exception of safety concerns. In cases of suicidality, homicidality, child abuse, and elder abuse, I will have to involve the necessary resources to keep your teen safe. 

What if I don’t fit all your descriptions. Can I still do therapy with you?

If you think I’d be a good fit for you, go ahead and reach out to me for a consultation. We’ll talk and figure it out. If what you need is outside of my scope of practice, I’ll help you find some alternative therapists. Otherwise, we’ll get started!